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I Am Alive - Repack | Tested and Work 100%

I Am Alive Cover - ohgamegratis

Download Game - The game takesplace one year after America has gone throguh a massive disaster known simply as “The Event”, which included earthquakes that destroyed most cities and areas. Due to the damage of the aftermath, many people are forced to go without resources. The goverment tries to help citizens, but their attempts are useless. Supplies become low and this causes citizens to become agitated, violent, and bitter.

A male survivor (who is never named in the game) travels to his old home ofthe fictional city Haventon, to rescue his wife Julie and daughter Mary. When he gets to his old apartment though, he finds they have left to get to safety and meanwhile video tapes his apology for not being there and says that he will do everything to find them. As he is leaving, the protagonist sees a small girl who he mistakes fot his daughter and saves her from three hostile men. The girl, Mei, is missing her mother and gives the protagonist a walkie talkie with which he talks to Henry, a friend of Mei. Henry ask him to bring Mei to him and he agree. 

The protagonist and Mei travel out to Henry’s Apartment, but soon stop in dilapidated mall to rest during a dust strom. The protagonist notices that Mei is having a fever, so he goes to find a supply drop that the goverment landed for survivors and is able to recover medicine for Mei. The two leave the next day and arrive at Henry’s place and see that Henry is disable and cannot walk. The protagonist is then tasked of finding a radio for Henry and traverses through the deadly dust clouds and makes it to an old boat. After searching the boat and finding the radio, the protagonist makes it off and travels back to Henry.

I Am Alive - Repack Version Sample 1

I Am Alive - Repack Version Sample2

I Am Alive - Repack Version Sample3

I Am Alive - Repack Version Sample 4

System Requiments:
OS Win XP SP3, Vista, Win7, Win8
Processor Dual Core 2.4Ghz
Memory 1024MB (XP) dan 2048MB (Vista, 7)
Graphics Nvidia Geforce 8800GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600XT
DirectX: 9.0c
Hardisk space: 2GB

Link Installer:

Crack Only (Mediafire):
Klik disini

Cara Install:
1. Extract 3 file download
2. Copy Crack ke src\system
3. Play

Bila ada link rusak atau masalah installasi, Jangan malu-malu untuk berkomentar dibawah ini ya. 

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